How Temperature Affects Customer Buying

As temperatures naturally fluctuate through the season, there are things retailers will notice in buying trends. Some are more obvious than others: A sunny day in the mid 70-degree-range will likely produce a lot of foot traffic for your retail location, while a wet-snowy burst will tend to diminish customer flow. No big surprises, there.

But let’s take that lesson IN-DOORS. Can paying attention to your in-store temperature and humidity affect buying trends? The Journal of Consumer Psychology says YES. In a 2013 report about how customers’ value products changed in relation to the temperatures they experience, it was noted “The physical warmth one experiences when holding a warm object or sitting in a warm room consequently activates the abstract concept of emotional warmth.” In layman’s terms that means when your customers are warm and comfortable they’re more likely to consider what they experience around them as having a higher value. Further in the study, there is a clear correlation between what consumers are willing to pay in relation to these temperatures. Up to a point, warmer ambient temperatures meant a higher value (or price) was acceptable.

Even though we find all of that interesting, Triton Mechanical is your Heating and Refrigeration expert. We aren’t about to go into the best way to sell your products. That kind of thing is for the marketing professionals. But we do know, after years of experience, that comfortable customers are happy customers.

Sometimes it’s not simply a matter of “hot or cold” but “humidity”.

Have you ever reached into the cooler at your favorite grocer or convenience store only to find the bottles “wet”?

How about picking up a six-pack of beverages and having the handle nearly tear off? Yes, we’ve seen that happen AND we’ve seen the expressions on the customers’ faces. Some just walk out. Others may stay and make their purchase. But you can bet this experience has impacted their feeling about the store. Coolers need to be chilled correctly with expertly controlled humidity. That proper level allows the refrigeration units to do their job without working too hard and saving the owner money. It also means your customers can have a RELIABLE experience when they visit your business to make a purchase. Surprise them with your great service all day long, but not with product in the coolers that’s all wet.

If you’ve dealt with these issues, Triton Mechanical would be happy to provide consistent and reliable ways for you to focus on customer service, no sweat. Call us at 585-209-1600

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