Scheduled Maintenance SAVES money

We know you’ve heard it before. “Buy now! Set up your contract, yadda, yadda!” We understand that as soon as a sales person says contract, many business owners want to run. Since Triton Mechanical doesn’t employ sales people, I hope you stay with me a moment longer and let me help you save your hard-earned budget for something else, like employee benefits or a great holiday party.

Experienced HVAC technicians get to see some customers when they’re very frustrated: Cold (when it should be warm inside), sweaty (when the indoor air quality should be cool and comfortable). At this point they have unexpected needs to be attended to and then an unscheduled invoice.

We work with heating and refrigeration units every day. From compressors to heat exchangers, when a machine is used with that kind of frequency, the question is not IF it will fail, but WHEN. Operating with that fact in mind, our advice to fellow business owners is simple: The most cost-efficient way to maintain your HVAC is with a planned maintenance program with Triton Mechanical.

We spend many days with emergency calls on roofs and in mechanical rooms. Some are planned maintenance customers and some are not. By far, those with the least amount of stress and saving the most money are planned maintenance clients. Oddly enough, equipment failure isn’t the biggest loss for most businesses, but simple maintenance steps that are overlooked. Consider this, you spend your day doing your job. Whether you work in an office, production facility, store-front or hospitality, you’re BUSY. If it gets chilly you’re likely to turn up the heat (just a little). What you noticed was your comfort. And, because you’re BUSY, you probably wouldn’t think to look at the furnace? Respectfully, even if you did, you might not know what to look for. But this is where the small losses can rob a business. Considering a heat exchanger surface, soot build-up of as little as 1/16th of an inch can reduce efficiency by up to 10%. Now, multiply that over the coldest months of the year and you may see increased heating costs far greater than a scheduled maintenance program charge for the entire year.

Contact Triton Mechanical today. We’ll provide an unbiased evaluation of systems.


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