Planned Maintenance

Available Programs

Service Contracts

Endless Flexibility

Scalable programs that include progressive discounts and unmatched flexibility.  Putting you in control with on-demand service.

Maintenance Agreements

Customize-able Solutions

Our programs are built specifically for your equipment and application.  We discuss your needs, and offer custom solutions.

Full-Service Support

Protection at Every Level

Full-service programs blend custom planned maintenance with service.  The best option for high performance applications.

Why Maintain


Protect your employees and clients with properly executed maintenance.


Improve your environment for better working, shopping, learning & living.

Life Expectancy

Safeguard your asset. Maintenance is the easiest way to extend system life.

Cost Containment

Manage expenses by preventing major problems, & avoiding future failures.

Avoiding Downtime

The cost of downtime is exponentially greater than the cost of maintenance.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce energy consumption by achieving the highest possible efficiency levels.

Did You Know...

40% of the energy cost in operating a commercial building is consumed by heating and air conditioning.

Comfort and indoor air quality rank among the top five reasons tenants leave commercial spaces.

Lack of maintenance is the primary cause of refrigeration system failure, resulting in downtime & lost product.

We gladly providefree estimates for all of our maintenance programs.

Detailed equipment surveys are included in each program.

Equipment asset management included throughout the program.

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Legionella Regulations in
New York State

Maintenance, testing and treatment of cooling towers and evaporative condensers is a requirement in New York. We can answer questions you have regarding ongoing care, and how to keep you safe and in compliance.