Heating and Cooling Rochester NY

Heating and Cooling Rochester NY

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Our specialties are commercial heating, refrigeration and cooling. At Triton we believe focus and experience matter. I’m a fourth generation heating and refrigeration specialist and our crew members display the kind of work ethic and attention to detail you want when it comes to protecting your business investment.

When businesses in Rochester, New York look for an accomplished and professional service to take care of their HVAC and Refrigeration needs, they contact Triton Mechanical.

We service industries like, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Professional, Medical and Manufacturing.

While that covers a LOT of industries and locations, there is a common thread: Commercial.

Hospitality clients include Restaurants, Hotels, Grocers and Convenience Store locations. Simply put, any environment handing refrigeration, food product and servicing clients in-person. These locations carry a challenging set of requirements for their businesses. The customers must be kept in a relatively comfortable environment (warmer in the winter – cooler in the summer), while refrigeration units storing and displaying food product require a consistently low temperature. Add the variations of humidity and you can see how stringent the needs are for control in these environments.

Retail clients are commonly considered storefront but are not handling food-stuffs. In these situations the HVAC side of our services comes into play. Both business staff and visiting customers need to be kept comfortable during the changes in weather, season and humidity. And though keeping customers and staff are a big focus while serving these customers, the electronics in use are also of keen interest. Maintaining temperatures and humidity levels can help to ensure both merchandise and equipment in use like cash registered, copiers and printers.

By comparison, Professional environments traditionally consist of offices. While customers may still be visiting these locations, services are performed remotely. These can be seen in such businesses as insurance, payroll and accounting offices.

Educational establishments, bare many similarities to retail environments: Large spaces, Roof top units, Forced air and numerous heating and cooling zones to balance. One of the largest differences for HVAC however is “length of stay”. Customers visiting a store-front may remain and shop from a few minutes to hours, while students may be in a building for 6 hours or more at a time. Consider the shear body heat balanced with a heating system. In addition, many educational establishments deal with forced air (for heating and cooling), boilers, and radiant heat. All off that is just for the living area. Then there are the kitchens where food preparation occurs. You may even see some people in the office environments hiding space heaters under their desks.
Our job in these environments is to balance and provide the best heating, cooling and refrigeration solutions in Rochester, NY.

Medical buildings and offices seem self explanatory but also require a higher level of “clean”. In many cases more stringent air-filtering is part of the serve specification for heating and cooling.

Manufacturing locations pose unique needs. Crossing almost every line of those listed above with the exception of educational, these structures and their HVAC needs are segregated into zones for those working in their areas.

In Rochester, NY, when you’re in need of expert service in heating, cooling and refrigeration, contact Triton Mechanical