Thermostat Wars

How warm should it be inside your offices? You can change the coffee, the water cooler, the piped in music or the floor signs in the elevator. But if you really want to see people get upset start messing with

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A Frightening Story of HVAC

A Frightening Story of HVAC If you happen to work in a light or commercial business, such as manufacturing, you’ve most likely experienced the discomfort of one room being too cold and another being too hot at the same time.

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The lonely life of your HVAC Economizer

Yes, you have an economizer. No, it is not your spouse or significant other. Nor is it your CPA. If you’re not acquainted with your economizer don’t feel bad, neither are some HVAC technicians. But if you have an office

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Comfort for you and your staff can SAVE Money

Does keeping the thermostat low at work save money? The answer is more than just shaving some cost off the operations budget, because temperature and humidity levels DO affect your fellow workers. The results of turning the heat down are

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What’s that Smell?

The thing about air (and odors) is you can’t SEE them. But if you’ve walked into your office or conference room during the first cold week of the year and you can SMELL the heat, something’s up and it’s more

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How Temperature Affects Customer Buying

As temperatures naturally fluctuate through the season, there are things retailers will notice in buying trends. Some are more obvious than others: A sunny day in the mid 70-degree-range will likely produce a lot of foot traffic for your retail

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Scheduled Maintenance SAVES money

We know you’ve heard it before. “Buy now! Set up your contract, yadda, yadda!” We understand that as soon as a sales person says contract, many business owners want to run. Since Triton Mechanical doesn’t employ sales people, I hope

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